Since 2008 very large businesses have used PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements) to buy electricity up to 15 years in advance at fixed prices from renewable generators. This meant they could lock-in a stable, cost-competitive, green energy supply.
Squeaky® is a new p2p supply platform, that enables any business to buy 100% clean electricity from UK-based solar, wind and hydro generators. Our energy is even better than renewable, as we don’t use biomass.
This innovation has enabled us to democratise the benefits of the PPA, making fixed-price deals available to businesses that spend as little as £5m a year on electricity.
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Benefits of Squeaky’s fixed price contracts for big business

Save money vs. market prices
Fix prices for 5 to 15 years
Standard flexible supply contract
Source your electricity directly from a specific asset or portfolio of assets
Transparent costs and no exposure to balancing or volume risk
Meet CSR commitments to customers, employees and investors


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